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Via Funo, 8 - 40050 FUNO (BO) - ITALY
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Gamberini was founded in 1970 when Luigi Gamberini decided to put all his dedication and enthusiasm into setting up a business to build fertilizer spreading machines “from scratch”, stepping away from his established career in farming, which had been in the family for generations.

Gamberini initially made quite simple machines but over the years the firm developed and consolidated its expertise in order to satisfy the needs of its customers and market demands. Now, it is able to offer a wide range of products, ranging from small hand-pushed fertilizer- or salt spreaders to large fertilizer spreaders with a capacity of up to 5,000 kg, fertilizer hoisters for handling big bags, as well as a wide range of accessories designed to meet the needs of farmers.
His children took over the running of the firm several years ago, carrying on and expanding the business set up by their father, using the same criteria for building the machines and still focusing on quality instead of looking to make cheaper, low end products.

The quality of Gamberini machines ensures a consistently good performance and a long working life, as they are built with simple but robust mechanical parts and we believe that this represents added value that has made our products so successful around the world.
Gamberini is particularly attentive to the demands of its customers (farmers, contractors, repairers, dealers, and public agencies) and considers personal visits, trade fairs and events, and a simple phone call to be very important opportunities for exchanging opinions and listening to advice and for making full use of any suggestions about upgrading or improving its machines.
In order to safeguard the satisfaction of its customers, Gamberini provides a spare parts service with prompt delivery, guaranteeing the spare parts for its machines will continue to be available in the future.

Giorgio Gamberini
Amministratore Delegato
Sara Gamberini
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