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function packageInstalled(){

# The renaming is needed because the CProcess Class uses the word Application to
# reference an external application. Rename the application in the PackageInstall.cpp
# and PackageInstall.h header to something like “CApp”.

PKG_INFO = `pkg_delete -q -l -f PackageInstall -e -d -r PKG_INFO`

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It’s a matter of preference whether you like the intelligent chat, as opposed to having to create your own chat system to make collaboration work.

Developers behind the MW Downloader are convinced that Pocket PC and Windows Mobile devices running Windows Vista can easily handle applications with HD video playback even on low-end hardware, which is pretty impressive, seeing as it’s only in the last 4 OS versions that this was possible. The MW Downloader is currently in the early stages of

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Still, the product combines both debugging features and oscillator tuning features. It has a demo mode, dual version for Mac/Windows but does not contain features such as timing, loads, data tracking, retrying and simultaneous programming of multiple PIC.
Lets begin with the features

Programming interface

You need to select an application serial port in order to start programming. Plus, you can check out if the PIC is properly inserted or program the PIC after opening the programming

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Ignore warnings that may be false positives in an Ant build

I’m using ant 1.7.1.
I know that compiler warnings are only warnings and that they are not supposed to fail on their own, so the catchewarnings goals suppress them. However, I have a lot of code that I try to do a single analysis/assembly pass on after my unit tests have finished.
I’ve seen a lot of use of an

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If you want to test the result by yourself, extensive training is available online, or a free trial.

Atlassian Confluence Server 2008 Edition is an easy-to-use and flexible tool for managing information and communication. It is supported by applications to increase collaboration and manage communication. It was announced on July 7, 2009. You can either download the installation software from the Atlassian web site, or you can get it directly from CD to create a new

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How to configure the IP View Pro software?

After you have acquired it to your computer, the next step is to properly configure the settings of the program to your specific needs. For beginners, these settings can be adjusted easily by simply choosing the automatic or manual mode.

Automatic mode

First of all, the application requires the IP address of your camera; choose this option if you know the address of your camera. The IP address is presented to you when you select

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The program supports UPnP and HTTP protocol in order to view the tracker, peers or data available. All items can be copied or deleted at any time.
System requirements
Hadouken does not need a server set up, but clients with low system requirements and low bandwidth costs can be used with caution.
In order to use the program on Mac OS X systems, you should set the computer to accept all Java applets and their cookies. Or use Safari. No additional requirements to

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Convert both TIFF (mtiff), Kodak Digital Camera Image Format and JPEG (jpeg), Kodak Digital Camera Image Format formats in any aspect ratio and flip, Rotate, Crop, Resize, Filters to make an effective infographic for sharing on social websites.
Image Rotator is a free image conversion utility that allows you to convert and rotate multiple images, arrange them in order, crop images, resize, filter them, and add a beautiful title and description to

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Overall, Steam Quick Switch is an easy tool to use. It is kind of a new kid on the block and may require some adjustments when dealing with your accounts for the first time. Use it as your best and fastest alternative to switching accounts manually or switching the client with as little penalty as possible.Steam Quick Switch
– Simple and compact UI
– Manager Password
– Manage accounts
– Export content
– Setup manager’s key once and reuse it
– Edge browser support

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■ Microsoft Windows 2000, or higher, with Visual Studio 2005 SP1 or higher.
The license keys are valid for one year. A Developer License is required to for the PDF Converter Plus or PDF Creator forms, PDF Creator report, PDF Creator report under Print to PDF.
A Professional User’s License is required for the PDF Suite.
The License Keys for the PDF Suite can be purchased with the complete package (PDF Converter plus PDF Creator) via http

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Clifford Attractors have a tiny fractal dimension, so they look a lot like a string of circles. Click on the surface of the image to navigate to the next level of the museum.
Allows you to try a ‘warped attractor’ – points are warped (only slightly) when a transformation is applied. (Earth is 320×200 pixels). Clicking from one picture to the next causes the background color of the image to change in some subtle way, to

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The following list details what can be saved in the domain manager where the passwords you have used for accessing the website credentials are stored:
Domain Entries – your website and SSL/HTTPS certificates domain names are saved
Certificates – all your domain certificates are located here
Password Database – the passwords of your database are saved here.
It is also possible to log in automatically to whatever database you want each time you log on to your computer.
Multiple computer passwords are saved

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In any case, you should now be able to enjoy using Quest 2 without having your account linked to Facebook.

Brecken C. Pasherni-Gerke

Confirmed Oculus Quest 2 Hacking


Out of no where, mysterious credit card recharge payments began popping up in my account on my Oculus Quest 2. I have never used any credit card on this device before and I did not put on Facebook or go through the Oculus app

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Instantly access any images, PDFs, or Adobe®.DOCs in Business Account and View from anywhere

Control and Access documents like a true business person as you easily make edits, copy-paste, and more with our enhanced business account features. For example, with business account users you can:

Create a master PDF preview that features all images, signatures, and type in Adobe PDFs

Open and navigate documents from your mobile device for improved efficiency


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Just pick the.WAV you want to use for it’s sound from your Windows Media Player, attach the file to the request, then add White Noise Player to the system tray with the button from your system tray. You may also choose to auto start White Noise Player from your Windows or from your Startup folder. After it has started, you will hear the sound of the music that will keep on playing in the background until you log out.
White Noise Player is a very handy tool to

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In fact, by building a core competency for making sense of survey data, IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys will make analytics cheaper and faster, and will moreover open up new ways for research and business to work with the data created by surveys.

IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys is based on the SPSS Modeler platform, and its full name is “Text Analytics for Surveys in SPSS Modeler”.
It can run in IBM

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